ProHoliday Terms & Conditions

For the following Terms & Conditions, The ‘Hiree’ is any person or company who hires or has agreed to hire the equipment of ProHoliday.


1 – The Hire Equipment shall remain the property of ProHoliday at all times.
2 – The Hiree shall not transfer the possession of the equipment during the hire period without prior consent from ProHoliday.
3 – Upon receipt of the equipment, it is the responsibility of the Hiree to ensure that the equipment is in full working order, and must notify ProHoliday within 24 hours should the equipment not be in full working order. Any report made after this period, the Hiree will have full responsibility over the damages.


4 – The Hiree shall notify ProHoliday within 24 hours of any loss or damage to any equipment.

5 – If equipment is returned back damaged, ProHoliday has the right to withhold the deposit to cover the costs of any repairs to damage to bring back the equipment to its satisfactory condition.


6 – Throughout the hire period, the Hiree shall be responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment on hire.
7 – Should suitable insurance not be provided, the Hiree shall be wholly liable to cover the cost of repairs or replacement of equipment.


8 – The equipment shall arrive on the agreed date as per the Hire Agreement. The equipment shall be returned to the post office on the return date as per the Hire Agreement. Late return delivery will result in a penalty of £35 per day per camera. If you expect the equipment to be returned late, please contact us in advance and this fee may be reduced to the standard hire rate.
9 – The Hire Period shall commence on the date provided by the Hiree on the application form. The signature of the Delivery Note by the Hiree shall be conclusive proof of possession being transferred and the acceptance of the hire Terms & Conditions.
10 – The Hire Period shall terminate on the end date provided by the Hiree on the application form. When the equipment is returned to ProHoliday and the Delivery Note is signed by a representative of ProHoliday, written notification shall be sent to the Hirer to acknowledge the return and transfer of possession.


11 – In the case of any order cancelled at least 7 days before the Hire Start Date, The Hiree shall receive a refund of 50% of the total Hire Fee.
12 – In the case of any order cancelled within 7 days of the Hire Start Date, the Hiree will not be liable for a refund but can amend dates of the Hire free of charge.